Power Animals

by Renee-Louise Carafice

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“This album is an anti-suicide note: love songs to myself and hate songs to the haters. These songs say: I am alive, and perhaps being alive is more brutal than being dead.”
Renee-Louise Carafice’s “Power Animals” was created while undergoing intense hypnotherapy and living across the road from the zoo. Some say you can hear wolves howling in the original recordings, which were recorded using only toy instruments and the pin-hole microphone on her laptop.
Carafice and friend / electronic musician Daniel Tomczak recorded the high-quality version of this album at an abandoned youth ministry for intellectually handicapped kids, a place they dubbed “Christmas Miracles”. It was recorded over Christmas and New Years 2013 / 2014. The page-long list of instruments on the album were played by Carafice herself, except for a few friends’ contributions, and Daniel Tomczak’s drum machines throughout. Everything from ocarinas to synths, from electric sitars to banjos, it’s a field day of musical experimentation.
The sometimes whisperingly gentle, sometimes screamingly intense album unflinchingly covers the topic of power and power struggles in its many forms, and carries with it a sense of urgent knowing that things collapse and things can eventually rebuild. Be warned, these are not songs you would sing in the shower, but rather they comprise an epic emotional journey that can be simultaneously crushing and uplifting.


released May 4, 2014

All songs written and composed by Renee-Louise Carafice.
Produced by Daniel Tomczak.
Recorded December of 2013 in Nashville, TN by Daniel Tomczak at Christmas Miracles,except for tracks 4, 6 and 9 recorded by Patrick Himes at Reel Love.
Mixed by Daniel Tomczak.
Mastered by John Baldwin at John Baldwin Mastering, Nashville, TN.
Honorably facilitated by Steve Poulton.
Copyright BirdArmy Records 2014.



all rights reserved


Renee-Louise Carafice Las Vegas, Nevada

New Zealand-born songstress Renee-Louise Carafice kicks out experimental pop songs like her life depends on it... and at some points in history her life literally has depended on it.
Radio New Zealand states that she is "terrific in both senses of the word: excellent, and a bit terrifying as well".
Renee-Louise lives in Las Vegas, Nevada where she raises birds and writes music in her bedroom.
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Track Name: Intro
Animals. Animals. Animals. Animals. Animals.
In our waking visions we are surrounded by totem animals.
Our pleas like hymns,
Plastered all over the god damn internet.
Please. Please. Please. Please. Please.
Track Name: I Have Some Problems
I have some problems, baby.
I have some problems of my own.
Track Name: A History Of Your Wanting
It doesn't matter what I want,
You wanted me.
And here's the thing that happens when you're too scared:
You burn the pictures of your lover in your own bed.
Track Name: A Promise, A Fireworks Display
Having you dead
Would be like having all these fields ablaze with light...
We would all go crazy with love.
Track Name: The Bird She Can't Catch
I knew her, but only in my head
And suddenly,
Like a flash of light,
Like a bolt of lightning,
There she was.
Track Name: Oh Your Lies
Oh my heart is nothing.
Only you can make it something.
Oh you say you have me now,
Oh and I believe you,
I really do.
Track Name: On My Shoulders, Michael
I had to be forced to leave,
Shouting in a phone box.
You were oblivious
To the vanishing act I pulled off.
Track Name: A Boat Of Glass
Saint of losses
On a boat made out of glass
Deliver me away from here
Burn every bridge as we go.
Track Name: Let It Go (I'm Deported)
I am standing at the entrance to the plane
You sweet thing
How can I stand straight?
You say, "it's not that hard of a thing".
You say, "It'll feel like a game".
Track Name: Little Victory Song
Carry me through until it's over
Carry me through with your shaky arms
I will pretend that I'm only half awake
I will pretend that it is night.